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Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Anchor Insurance on Nov 15, 2016 8:08:12 AM

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Thanksgiving is an American tradition.  It’s a time when family and friends come together to share stories over a big turkey dinner with all the fixings.  So it makes sense that thanksgiving is also the peak day of the year for cooking fires. And with so many people on the roads, car accident rates increase. But with a little planning and thoughtfulness, you can avoid these Thanksgiving Day hazards. This year, ensure your Thanksgiving is safe and happy by following these easy tips…

Wild Turkey

No, we're not talking whiskey. That's an entirely different subject all together. However, we are talking about the turkey many families enjoy on Thanksgiving Day. If you expect a crowd and your turkey is large and heavy, use extreme caution when transferring your bird to and from the oven, especially when there's hot liquids involved. Keep oven mitts and towels nearby, and if you need help, please ask for it!

Another popular trend is fried turkey on Thanksgiving Day. While the outcome can be delicious, it can result in serious injury and/or damage if not done properly. This video from the U.S. Fire Administration shows how dangerous frying a turkey can be!

Please follow all instructions on your deep fryer and use ONLY outside, NEVER inside, your house. Keep a fire extinguisher or other flame retardant nearby and make sure children keep their distance while your turkey is frying.


Road Safety

Did you know that the week of Thanksgiving is typically one of the most dangerous driving weeks of the year? The opportunity to drink and drive, along with speeding to get to Grandma's house, the time of day we're driving and the seasonal weather all create plenty of opportunities for accidents to happen.  Keep this in mind and take your time while traveling. Pay attention to the weather and your level of sleepiness and if either presents a safety issue, have a plan B. After all, it is Thanksgiving, and your loved ones would rather you be safe than on time.

Turkey Trots

Many of us start the day with a morning run. More increasingly, Thanksgiving Day 5-K's are becoming popular ways to get the family out and active before a busy day of cooking and eating. But it's also a time where home burglars can act. If you plan to be out early on Thanksgiving Day, be sure to leave a light on and save your social media posts until after you get home, and this includes the days leading up to your event. Don't give thieves an opportunity to know when you're not home and when they can strike.

Even more, if you plan to be out of town over the holidays, don't post travel plans on Facebook. Let trusted neighbors know that you'll be gone for a couple of days so they can keep an eye on things.

Pet Friendly

For many, family includes our four-legged babies. Pets love the holidays because there's always extra food around and plenty of free hands for some good belly rubs. But keep their safety in mind, as well. Some foods can be particularly dangerous to your pets like bones, raisins and chocolate, which abound in Thanksgiving Dinner. Make sure your guests know that Fido shouldn't have these foods. If you're a guest in someone's home, it's always polite to ask before you give their pets any "treats".

Also, if your pet gets anxious around lots of people and noise, you might want to consider keeping him in a kennel or spare bedroom while your guests are in your home. This may help him stay calm and your guests from any wariness.

A little planning and thoughtfulness can go a long way in everyone having safe and happy holiday. And from all of us at Anchor Insurance, we wish you a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving.

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